Stavanger Cathedral:
Norway's oldest cathedral - finished around 1150 AC

Museums in Stavanger

  • MUST - Museum Stavanger.  MUST is a regional museum for cultural history, natural history, fine arts and maritime and industrial history and includes all the museums listed below..

  • Breidablikk - shipowner's residence

  • Ledaal - a mansion and royal residence

  • The Norwegian Children's Museum

  • The Norwegian Canning Museum

  • The Norwegian Printing Museum

  • Stavanger Art Museum (former Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts)

  • Stavanger Maritime Museum

  • Stavanger Museum - cultural and natural history exhibitions, collection of medical history interest

  • Stavanger School Museum 


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Flor og fjære
Museums in Stavanger
Pulpit Rock - Prekestolen
Stavanger Cathedral - Domkirken
Stone Age Cave
Swords in rock
The Iron Age Farm
The Watchman's Tower


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