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Pulpit Rock - Prekestolen

Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen, Prekestolen in Norwegian, is one of the areas most profound turist attractions. This natural rock formation with a 25 meter squared plateau stands 604 meters above the sea. In 2011 over 130 000 tourists visited the Pulpit Rock. 

The original name of the rock formation is "Hyvlatonnå" - which means the tooth of a woodplane. Todays name could have its origin in the shape or possibly be due to that it might have been a place of sacrifice.

The trip takes about two hours each way, by foot, even though it not more than 3 - 4 km from the Preikestolen Lodge. 

The rock formation can also be enjoyed from the sea by boat.

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Photo source:
Gard Karlsens Trip to Prekestolen

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