Stavanger Cathedral:
Norway's oldest cathedral - finished around 1150 AC

Stavanger and the nearby area have a lot of attractions to offer. From rugged mountains, to the calmest beaches we have a lot in store for most everybody.

Some of the most visited attractions are listed below:




Other attractions:

Flor og fjære
Museums in Stavanger
Pulpit Rock - Prekestolen
Stavanger Cathedral - Domkirken
Stone Age Cave
Swords in rock
The Iron Age Farm
The Watchman's Tower


Stavanger Cathedral

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What's in a name
The Old Norse form of the city name was Stafangr. Although one is not quite certain what the name derives from, the most common interpretation is that the first part refers to the high or steep mountains (Valberget on the east side of the bay) and the latter means fjord or "inlet" - as in Hardanger.
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