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The Nokas Robbery


On the morning of Monday, April 5th, 2004 Stavanger lost it's innocent apparel. A league of at least 13 persons robbed the NOKAS cash center - shooting and killing a police officer. 

The morning was a quiet workday. Although normal work hours prevailed, a lot of the citizens of Stavanger had fled to the mountains to spend Easter vacation in the snow.

Police Lieutenant Arne Sigve Klungland

Police Lieutenant Arne Sigve Klungland 

Several shots were heard within the city center. The robbers had also set a truck on fire right outside the police headquarters, in hope of delaying the police in reaching the city center.

Newspapers state that 65 million NOK (apprx 10 million dollars) was stolen - mainly in the form of used bills. 13 people have been charged with involvement in the robbery, among them a Norwegian kick boxer. The majority of the men charged are Norwegian and from the Oslo district, but several have connections to the Stavanger area.

All 13 of the defendants were convicted and sentenced on Friday March 10.

David Toska, the mastermind of the robbery, was sentenced to 19 years in prison. Kjell A. Schumann, Metkel Betew, Ridvan Halimi and Thomas Thendrup received 16 year sentences plus preventative custody, with a minimum sentence of ten years served.

The NOKAS case is the most expensive investigation and most discussed crime in Norwegian history, with nearly 40,000 newspaper and online articles on the heist, investigation and trial.



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