Stavanger Cathedral:
Norway's oldest cathedral - finished around 1150 AC


She was the queen of the Atlantic. Many an emigrant from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England and Ireland travelled on the M/S Stavangerfjord to the US and Canada. The Stavangerfjord was built in 1918 at Birkenhead, England, but poor economic times hit her owner, The Norwegian American Line bad. In the mid twenties, Stavangerfjord was utilized as a cruise boat to North Cape and around the Norwegian Fjords. During the war, Stavangerfjord was anchored up outside Oslo. The Germans had plans on rebuilding her as a hospital, but this did not happen. The transatlantic crossings started again after the war. Stavangerfjord was finally sold as scrap in 1964 after 45 years on the sea. During this time she had crossed the Atlantic 768 times and had carried more than 400.000 passengers.

Main source: WarSailors.com

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Stavanger Cathedral

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